Road transport of goods


Dream Cargo Services can provide road transport solutions with full truck load and less than truck load, both nationally and internationally. Our partnerships with reliable carriers, thoroughly tested in recent years, allow us to bring you solutions that are exhaustive, safe and cost-effective.

Dream Cargo Services can provide the following freight transport services:

  • Full Truck Load ( FTL ) – road transport services using subcontracted trucks covering the entire territory of the EU. the Balkans, CIS and North Africa. We provide a wide range of transport equipment and solutions
  • Less Truck Load ( LTL ) – pfor quantities exceeding 3 tons, when importing or exporting goods, the collection of freight is made directly into 22-ton tarp trucks or vans, from the point of loading to the point of unloading, as indicated by the customer. For emergency LTL services, we provide express grouping with a transit time of 2-4 days covering the entire EU
  • Just in Time Services ( JIT ) – express delivery services using road networks covering the entire EU. We provide sprinter trucks, exclusive 3.5t light trucks, 20t trucks, 2 drivers. There is a 2-hour maximum response time after the request is received

If requested by our customers, we transport dangerous goods (ADR) both as full truck load and as less than truck load, using tarp trucks, vans or tank trucks.

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