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We use cookies to customize content and ads, to provide social networking features and to analyze traffic.

On the first visit of users to the Site, they display a screen banner on the screen in the browser. This banner disappears as soon as the user accepts information about the use of cookies on the Site.

Cookies are stored in order to facilitate user visits to the site. However, users can always revoke all previously granted consents by clearing the browser’s cache and cookies.


What are Cookies?

A cookie or cookie module is a special text, often encoded, sent by a web browser server and then sent back (unmodified) by the browser user whenever accessing that server. The cookies used by Dream cargo Services are used for authentication, retaining user preferences and generally to provide visitors with a better browsing experience.  


What type of Cookie are used in our site?


  1.  Technical or necessary cookies

Technical Cookies are cookies that allow users to navigate the site or enjoy the basic features of the site. These cookies are automatically processed on the user’s device by the Site because of user access to the Site and do not require the user’s special consent.

Name Supplier Purpose Expiry Type
Stores the user’s cookie consent state for the current domain. 1 an HTTP

The technical cookies used by the Site include:

– Cookies for navigation: which ensures navigation and normal use of the Site through various options and services;

– Functional cookies: which saves user preferences and facilitates browsing experience based on selected criteria (e.g., language, browser type, etc.).

All cookies other than technical cookies are processed or enabled only if users give their prior consent by pressing the “I agree” button.


  1. Preference cookies

Preference cookies allow a site to remember information that changes according to how the site behaves or shows, such as your preferred language or region.

Name Supplier Purpose Expiry Type


  1. Statistics cookies

Cookies help us understand how visitors interact with our site by collecting and reporting information anonymously.

Name Supplier Purpose Expiry Type


  1. Marketing cookies

These Cookies are used to make your ads and promotions more relevant to you and closer to your interests.

Name Supplier Purpose Expiry Type
Registers a unique ID that identifies a returning user’s device. The ID is used for targeted ads. 6 months



DREAM CARGO SERVICES S.R.L. has implemented technical and organizational measures to organize the process and specific criteria for keeping your personal data (including our archiving procedures).

We will cease processing your personal data when it is no longer reasonably required under the Permitted Purposes, or when you withdraw your consent (if applicable), and there are no longer any legitimate or legal grounds justifying further processing by DREAM CARGO SERVICES S.R.L. S.A of your data (including the legal obligation of DREAM CARGO SERVICES S.R.L to continue to store that data.


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