Storage and handling



Without a professional logistics support, making international transport in good condition with the related import / export processes becomes difficult, sometimes even impossible. Goods logistics involve integration of: informations, transportation, inventory, storage and handling of materials and packing of goods. Our company adds in the logistics and transport services chain, complete storage services and easy, convenient, long-term storage solutions.

Dream Cargo Services offers a full range of storage services:

  • ‘Hold for Release’ – services that deal with transactions in electronic equipment. We can do for you the inspection of the goods and check the authenticity of the purchased goods
  • Storage
  • Cross dock activities in Bucharest, Timișoara, Cluj
  • Packing and repacking

Storage and handling

We use our experience and knowledge in the field of logistics to save time and costs and thus provide you with the ability to focus on the core of your business exclusively. Aside from storing, handling and transporting your goods, we also store and manage your information.

Dream Cargo Services is able to cover all your storage and distribution needs.

Here are some of the services we provide to our customers:

  • Cross docking
  • Consolidation
  • Palletizing/De-palletizing/Packaging of electronics
  • Control of serial/IMEI/EAN/Production lot
  • Bar code scanning (IMEI/serial)
  • Logistics services for the high-tech industry: inspection report, on hold services, inspection via skype. –  Handelot Member

Dream Cargo Services has implemented a software for reading bar codes in order to manage complex activities that are specific to logistics processes, a system that allows for adequate human and material resource planning, warehouse organization in compliance with FIFO, LIFO or other criteria and can issue all the required reports and documents.

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